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"the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be

The Nineteenth Amendment is a threat to the U. S. Constitution:

From the Gallup Organization http://www.gallup.com/poll/releases/pr990423.asp "Women Particularly Critical of Role of Guns--Women are substantially more likely than men to cite the availability of guns as a significant factor contributing to school shootings. Women are also more likely to express confidence that stricter gun laws for teenagers would be a very effective preventive solution. Only 47% of men, compared to 73% of women, blame gun availability "a great deal" for causing U.S. school shootings like the one in Littleton-a 26-percentage-point difference. Similarly, just 53% of men compared to 70% of women think stricter gun laws would be very effective-a 17-point difference".

Without the female vote, the Constitutional right to bear arms would not be threatened.  Because women are 11% more of the vote than men, 60.7% of the voters would vote to "infringe" on the right to bear arms.  However, it requires support by two thirds of the voters to amend the constitution:

The Congress, whenever two-thirds of both houses shall deem it
necessary, shall propose amendments to this constitution, or on the
application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states

By passing a law which INFRINGES on the right to bear arms, without the required amendment to the Constitution necessary to repeal the Second Amendment, Congress is committing treason against the Constitution by violating their following oath http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?r106:7:./temp/~r1068FV6we::

This does not give Congress the authority to react emotionally to the female voter every time there is a national calamity.  It does not give them the authority to abandon the Constitution nor its Amendments.  It does not give them the authority to ignore the basic law of the land.  It does not give them the authority to pass any law at any time.

It gives Congress only the *responsibility* to uphold the EXISTING Constitution OR to ratify it by following a specific easy to understand procedure.

Until Congress removes the Second Amendment from the Constitution, they cannot "infringe" on ownership of "arms" of ANY kind.

Twenty Dumb Things You Must Believe to be a Gun Control Nut

    1. Criminals planning murder will disobey murder laws but will not disobey gun control laws.
    2. Criminals who obey gun control laws won't think about gettting guns from their friends.
    3. Criminals who obey gun control laws won't consider stealing guns because robbery is against the law.
    4. Criminals won't dare use guns obtained illegally.
    5. Gun control laws are free.
    6. Gun control laws won't be abused by the world's largest justice/prison system.
    7. Criminals who can't get guns won't use knives instead.
    8. Criminals who can't get guns won't use bombs instead.
    9. Fertilizer used to make much more dangerous bombs can also be outlawed.
    10. Bombs used in place of guns won't kill more people than guns would have.
    11. Reducing our 230 million guns by 99.9% wouldn't leave plenty left over for the 12,000 gun-related murders each year.
    12. Cars don't have an accidental fatality rate 36 times higher than guns.
    13. Cars which aren't constitutionally protected won't be outlawed in the same way as guns were, which were constitutionally protected.
    14. American citizens can entrust with guns the same government which brought us Vietnam and 36 million abortions, which half the American population views as MURDER.
    15. This government won't do to disarmed Americans what numerous other governments around the world did to their 121 million disarmed and now dead citizens.
    16. Guns aren't used to protect 400,000 citizens per year from criminals.
    17. SMH's aren't 364 times more dangerous to children than guns.
    18. SIDs doesn't kill 10x as many children as guns.
    19. Outlawing SMHs isn't a better method of crime prevention.
    20. The government which imposed by force of law 36 million abortions against the will of its people really cares that guns kill 220 children/year.

Guns & Crime Prevention
With 4 million robberies, burglaries, and other personal assaults each year, in a nation with 230 million private firearms, it is not surprising that 10% of these, or 400,000, involved crime victims who used firearms to defend their lives.

More Interesting Data on Guns

  1. http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/talk-politics-guns/pro-gun-faq/part1/faq.html
  2. http://freeweb.digiweb.com/pages/RKBA/antirkba.htm

Guns & Child Deaths

It is questionable that even a 50% reduction in the number of guns, from 230 million to 115 million, is either possible or would have any impact at all on the rate at which children die from guns.  On the other hand, voluminous data shows that eliminating SMHs would both reduce the rate at which children die from 36.4 to 0.62, and reduce the rate at which they die by guns from 5.24 to 0.62.  This would save 9,607 children's lives each year.  The proper method for reducing child deaths, accidental or murder, is to implement laws which reduce the number of SMHs.   Outlawing  guns which are less dangerous and subjecting citizens to egregious acts by government not only violates the Constitution, but it puts American citizens at as serious a risk as the following citizens, who also didn't have guns

Guns & Death by Government

The 20th century's top nine megamurderers, as estimated in the book "Death by Government"

Joseph Stalin        42,672,000     1929-1936
Mao Tse-Tung         37,828,000     1923-1976
Adolph Hitler        20,946,000     1933-1945
Chiang Kai-shek      10,214,000     1921-1948
Vladimir Lenin        4,017,000     1917-1924
Hideki Tojo           3,990,000     1937-1945
Pol Pot               2,397,000     1968-1987
Yayha Khan(Pakistan)  1,500,000        1971
Josip Tito Yugoslavia 1,172,000     1941-1987
TOTAL               124,736,000

Guns & National Defense

Had it not been for private gun ownership in the US, the Japanese would not have stopped at Pearl Harbor and we would now be trying to speak Japanese to our current jailers.  Even IF the number of children killed by guns could be reduced to zero with a 90% reduction of guns, it is just not worth the risk to citizens who have not amended a Constitution which has served us well for more than 2 centuries.

Guns & Automobiles

The National Safety Council http://www.nsc.org/lrs/statinfo/af78.htm reports that our 181,700,000 licensed drivers  killed 43,200 fellow citizens in traffic accidents in 1997, a fatality rate of 23.8 fatalities per 100,000 licensed drivers.  It also reports that 1,500 fellow citizens died last year at the hands of   accidents by our 230 million firearms http://www.nsc.org/lrs/statinfo/af8.htm#H , a fatality rate of 0.65 fatalities per 100,000 firearms.  Thus the accidental death rate of automobiles, which are not constitutionally protected, is 36.6 times greater than the accidental death rate of guns, which ARE constitutionally protected.

The real danger of gun control laws, besides being unconstitutional, besides putting American citizens at risk to "death by government" and by criminals, puts automobiles in position to be banned by government.

How can we justify a restriction of a constitutionally protected private property when private property which is not constitutionally protected is 36 times more dangerous to human life?

Guns & Suicide


Country/Level of 
restriction on civilian 
ownership of firearms
Suicide Rate
Denmark high 31.6
Sweden high 20.5
Norway high 13.3
Scotland high 10.1
England/Wales high 6.7
Ireland high 6.6
Japan severe 14.3 
Canada moderate 12.3
Australia moderate 12.2
USA low 12.0
Israel low 6.0

    Guns in the Medical Literature,Suter, Med. Ass'n of Georgia, Vol 83, 1994 http://teapot.usask.ca/cdn-firearms/Suter/med-lit.html

Government's phobic preoccupation with firearms is an inadequate and ineffective response to the grave social problem of suicide.